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Our services include professional arranging of your music, music publishing, and sheet music sales either in book form or by direct download. We also occasionally host composition competitions, with cash prizes and/or free publishing of your winning pieces. Look at the competition menu to see what is happening.

We will also offer the opportunity to advertise used musical instruments and other 'pre-loved' musical supplies, or you can browse the listings and contact vendors to purchase items that interest you.

Arrangements If you have a melody or a half-constructed piece of music thatís been sitting on the shelf that you would love to see completed and a quality hard copy produced for your own library, we can help. It is rewarding to have the finished product in your hand, developed from an idea that originated in your head.
Publishing If the piece is suitable, we may even publish it for you, which could provide you with income in the form of royalties if your piece sells. We can advise on structure, style, instrumentation, and help you develop and complete the piece to whatever stage you wish. You can see and hear examples of our current products in our music sales catalogue. Please contact us to discuss your ideas. We reserve the right to refuse to publish music which we deem to be unsuitable for publication, or with obscene or questionable content.
Music sales You may be looking for quality new music for your student or professional music group. Our constantly expanding catalogue will show you what is currently available, and what is likely to be added soon. We can mail you copies of anything you order, or you can download directly at a cheaper price.
Composition competitions We want to encourage new music, and to that end we occasionally run competitions. Check the competition menu to see what is happening and if the current category is in your line then you are invited to enter. The end result will be cash prizes and publishing for the winners, with royalties accruing to you from any sales.
Billboard - comming soon Post advertisements for used musical instruments or second-hand musical items, or hunt up a bargain from the advertisements currently on display there.

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